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What is It?

The spacer plate is a metallic plate fitted to the non-friction side of a used brake pad, attaching to the pad’s existing backplate.  It therefore sits between the brake pad and the pistons of the caliper.  It is the same shape as the existing backplate, though has vertical slots to aid heat dissipation.  

Why is it needed?

Braking wears away the friction material of disc brake pads, hence reducing their thickness.  This causes the brake caliper piston(s) to extend out from the caliper piston housings to compensate for the lost pad thickness.  In this extended state the pistons do not work as efficiently.

Consequently, once brake pads wear below a certain thickness, the driver may notice that the pedal travel has increased and that the pedal feels “softer.”

This poor pedal feel is compounded if the brake fluid temperature increases, which is another negative consequence of pad wear - as the thermal barrier created by the pad is reduced. 

The spacer plate addresses the issue in two ways:  returning the pad to close to its original thickness, hence reducing piston extension, and dissipating heat from its finned construction, to keep the fluid cooler. 

When manufactured in titanium, the spacer’s weight is similar to the weight of the lost friction material for which it is compensating.  This means no weight increase relative to new brake pads.


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Foto per sito accessories


Ferodo FBA574 is a universally applicable anti-noise shim set.

Each kit is composed of 4 rubber shims with adhesive (exposed with peel-off paper).

Composition: 3M 468MP with 200 MP adhesive

Dimensions: 95x60 mm

BrakeShim DEF


Ferodo brake grease is a mounting paste based on high viscosity silicon oil, containing also pure natural graphite.

It can help reduce:


Ferodo brake grease has excellent lubricity and damping properties.

By applying to the pad backplate, you can reduce the transmission of friction vibration from the pad to the piston thus reducing brake vibration and squeal.

Each tube contains: 50g of grease

BrakeGrease Tubo